Commercial Real Estate

November 30, 2021
Sell your CRE property

6 Ways to Successfully Sell your CRE Property

You want to sell your current commercial real estate (CRE) property for the most money. The competition may be tough, but modern CRE properties provide more […]
November 2, 2021
CRE property valuation

CRE Property Valuation: A Glimpse on What Appraisers Look for

What metrics do appraisers use on CRE property valuation? How do appraisers value your CRE properties? Property valuation is an essential component that investors need to […]
September 30, 2021
Types of Commercial Real Estate Property, Small business building exterior

Understanding the Types of Commercial Real Estate Property (Part 2)

Commercial real estate is a complex investment. There are many types of commercial real estate property to choose from, and you need to know the differences […]
September 23, 2021
property types of commercial real estate

Understanding the Property Types of Commercial Real Estate (Part 1)

First-time and even seasoned CRE investors look into the property types of commercial real estate before they place capital into it. No matter if you’re into […]
September 16, 2021
Invest in Commercial Real Estate

How Investors Create Returns through Commercial Real Estate Appreciation

About 48% of American millionaires generated their wealth through real estate. With that track record of higher returns and security, commercial real estate (CRE) is an […]
August 12, 2021
commercial real estate syndication

Start Investing from the Top through Commercial Real Estate Syndication

Are you tired of flipping houses, buying single-family units, and dealing with tenants? You might be taking that route thinking that you have better control of […]
July 23, 2021
Deferred Sales Trust Tax Plan Strategies

Diving Deeper into Deferred Sales Trust Part 1

A deferred sales trust (DST) is another tax deferral strategy. In this method, when you’re selling commercial real estate property, you will delay the payment of […]
July 15, 2021
Commercial Property Management

4 Crucial Roles of a Commercial Property Manager You Need to Know

Commercial real estate investing is not only about increasing your rent periodically so you can increase your bottom line. You also need to efficiently manage or […]
July 8, 2021
Commercial Real Estate Leverage

Using Leverage to Build Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio.

You’ve heard of leverage. The Greek mathematician Archimedes, who was born in 287 BC, said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which […]
July 1, 2021
Commercial Real Estate Inflation

Commercial Real Estate: A “Perfect Asset Class” to Protect Against Inflation

When you hear the word inflation, what comes to your mind? Are you focused on its negative impact—high cost of living but no bump on your work-related […]